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I was born the same year Apple was incorporated in the U.S. It was also the year in which Egyptian president Anwar Sadat visited Israel for the very first time. Sixteen months later, Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty.

My first passion is curiosity. I read a lot of Historical, Medical, Political, Mythological books, articles & blogs. I sometimes even publish my news, opinion, research & knowledge in my blog which you are welcome to read. All you have to know are two languages: 1. English 2. Hebrew.

My inspiration is derived from human interaction & observation. As long as I can remember, I have always been intrigued by human behavior; And this is why in order to understand business, you have to understand people. As much as people are driven by needs, they are driven by habits.

I majored in Political Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and have specialized in governmental, non-governmental & non profit organizations as a director of operations & later on as a consultant. Calisto was a natural next step in my career. Calisto specializes in fine tuning people & businesses.

My second passion is dogs & to be more precise, the Canaan dog and mixes in Israel. This is why I co-founded Wings of Rescue Israel. Wings of Rescue Israel was founded to address the difficult situation of the Canaan dog Mixes in Israel. Our mission is to rescue the Canaan Mixes from Israel by safely flying them home to families waiting for them across the ocean.

Last BUT not least, every time you see a photo throughout this website with my signature on it, you can be assured that it is an original one taken by me.


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